Central Gas


We would like to introduce ourselves CENTRAL GAS CONTRACTING as one of the leading suppliers & installers of LPG centralized pipe line systems. Under the flagship of ‘ Al Mezher Gas (Est. 1995), CGC started its operations in 2002. During this period, we have grown to be one of the most dynamic organisations in LPG sector in U.A.E, with office in Dubai. Our Operations have diversified from supply of LPG to:

  • Designing of Centralized LPG & Natural Gas systems.
  • Construction of Centralized LPG & Natural Gas Systems.
  • Consultancy & Projects management.
  • Training programs in LPG & Natural Gas installation & management.
  • Repair & maintenance (A.M.C).
  • Supply of LPG tanks & cylinders.
  • Supply of LPG, Propane, Butane, Oxygen, Acetylene etc.


  • Magnetic level gauge
  • Double check filler valve
  • Multivalve assembly
  • Safety relief valve
  • Check lock for liquid withdrawal
  • Check lock for drain
  • The final connection to the appliance are in flexible hose.
  • Hoses are used on the low pressure side of the regulators.
  • Valves are designed for use with LPG

    Gas tank and all OTS gas pipe are protected with a gas leak detection system.

  • A central control panel (including sensors) flashing light alarms and horn for 15%level and closing the gas supply at 30% level.
  • The gas control panel is inter locked with the fire alarms panel
  • Gas leak detector on the tank area is explosion proof.


A safety and environmental philosophy is normally developed for the project. It is formulated to ensure that hazards, which can affect the safety of the personnel, the integrity of the facilitates and the conservation of the environment, are properly and adequately considered. In doing so, all legislative requirements are observed and complied with and the appropriate codes and standards are introduced onto the execution of work to ensure the retentions of good and well proven engineering practice throughout.

Probable hazards are established by comprehensive analysis.
He appropriate safety and environmental system and procedures are then in corporate into the project.

The principal objectives are:

  • To provide a safe working environment for personnel
  • To contain or minimize the effect of hazards
  • To provide minimize the potential of hazardous occurrence
  • To provide means of escape from hazards
  • To avoid exposure to the potential hazards
  • To provide environment protection

OUR Projects

Our Product
Alubond Metal Cladding Factory, Sharjah

Mulk Industries
BG 20000 Litrs X 02 Nos
160 Kg/Hr 02 Nos

Our Product
Al Ali Multi-Use Complex, Novotel Hotel @ Al Barsha, ,Dubai.

AG 2000 Ltrs X 07 Nos
100 Kg /Hr X 02 Nos

Our Product
Wharf Tower ,Business Way, Dubai

Al-Ghandi & Consolidated Contractors Intl Co
AG 1750litrs X 04 Nos
100 Kg /Hr X 02 Nos

Our Product
Al Futtaim Labor Accommodation

Al Futtaim
AG 10000 Litrs X 02 Nos