Gas Division

Central Gas System Installation

The following services are included in our above-ground gas systems: NG, SNG, and LPG installation:

Residential Buildings/Towers

Hotels & Resorts

Recreational Centers/Malls


Labor Camps

Industrial Projects



Fully functional gas leak detection system

Cylinder Manifold Systems

Medical facilities


Infrastructure Network Development

Installation of large-scale gas networks in urban and suburban areas, including:

Phase Stage Pressure Regulating Stations

Pipeline Networks Distribution

Gas Tank Farms

Optimizing the system by innovative calculation

Metering System

Mixing Plants for SNG Systems

Vaporizing Units

Gas Supply

Central Gas began bulk LPG/propane supply and distribution in the United Arab Emirates and has become a market leader in gas delivery by fulfilling customer expectations and delivering quality gas on time and at a competitive price.

Operation & Maintenance

We know how important Operation & Maintenance would be to the long-term viability and safety of a Gas System, thus we provide a 24 X 7 competent operation and maintenance service with a professional staff to ensure the system runs smoothly and efficiently. By adjusting the system on a regular basis, the lifetime of the gas system will be improved. The following are just a few of the O&M services we offer.

Frequential inspection for the uninterrupted running of the system

Annual Maintenance Contract periodically

Reading and Billing service

Network Connection to end users

Ensuring Gas leak detection system functionality

Corrective maintenance of the system in the least downtime

24 X 7 Emergency Call Response Center

In case of emergency, our team at 24-hour Call Response Centre makes sure to work daily to ensure the client's safety and system functionality by notifying the situation to the responsible person for quick resolve.

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

The FEED study includes engineering focus on the design of the gas system feasibility; this will ensure that all of the client's requirements are met to avoid any significant changes during the EPC phase.


A proper FEED study will provide the client with an optimal gas system selection that will integrate local authority regulations to minimize the cost of investment while meeting present and future demand fluctuations.


Platforms such as FEED provide a framework for project bids and design benchmarks for executing the projects in a controlled time frame.


We help prepare the final design of gas systems by collecting information regarding each project's specifications and requirements.


Ensuring that the projects in every phase of execution are compliant with the requirements of the authorities, international standards, and quality requirements.


Value Engineering helps in wrapping the projects within budgets without compromising system sustainability.

Gas System Training

It is crucial to train the customer and facility management division of the building about the gas system operation in order to limit potential hazards in case of an emergency.


As a part of our customer service, we make the customer aware of the dos and don'ts when there is a gas system interruption or leak in the system. In addition, use the system to draw the customer's awareness.

Cost Saving Strategies

At the end of the day, cost determines customer satisfaction. Considering regulatory regulation of safety in usage of certain systems we propose the system viability without compromising the financial necessity. We also propose the quality of the gas to be used, which has the longest life, and the conversion to the most efficient and effective gas system for existing developments.

Project Management

We handle and can act as the client's representative for central gas systems for colossal developments, monitoring and controlling all phases of a project as well as ensuring its completion according to the budget, quality, time, and authority requirements.

Fire division

AMC Fire Maintenance

Be it a residential or commercial building, fire hazards are always devastating.They bring a lot of damage and life risk with them. 


The good news is that there are systems that can effectively control fires and minimize damage to a large extent. You can install them in your premises and be at ease. However, everything needs maintenance after a while, so do your fire safety systems. They cannot be taken for granted and left without maintenance for a long period of time. If you need an AMC for fire system and equipment, please reach out to us so we can help you.


We offer an annual maintenance contract for the below mentioned services :




Fire Protection Systems


Fire Alarm System

The system consists of a variety of devices to detect emergencies, such as smoke detectors, heat detectors, and others. The system sends an audio and visual warning as soon as smoke or fire is detected. Alarms can either be wall mounted horns or motorized bells. 


The alarms allow the occupants to escape on time and eliminate life-threatening situations. Furthermore, property damage is reduced by providing ample notice and allowing for the necessary steps to be taken. Now that you know we are just a phone call away, don't hesitate. Contact our expert team right now!


Fire Companies

As one of the A+ fire companies, we provide solutions that fit your needs.

Design & Installation Of Fire Protecting System

Relentless Support


Fire Extinguisher

You have come to the right place if you are seeking a fire extinguisher. We offer all types of fire extinguishers, including CO2 extinguishers and dry chemical powder extinguishers. Dry chemicals are used in dry powder equipment to control fires. You can spray them over the area affected with fire, and they will effectively extinguish the flames. If the fire is severe, keep spraying the powder until it dies down. We offer the best prices in UAE on dry powder extinguishers and make your premises safer.


CO2 extinguishers are also designed to control fires. An equipment that uses dry powder just extinguishes the flames, but CO2 extinguishers are more efficient since they cool the fire as well as neutralizing the oxygen supply, which helps control the fire quickly. The liquid CO2 contained in these extinguishers does not harm electronic devices, which makes them a perfect choice for commercial spaces.

Fire Fighting Contractors

Investing in doors and windows that provide better fire protection than conventional ones is becoming increasingly popular in UAE. 


Installing fire doors, windows, external doors, skirtings and architraves helps people secure their homes and offices.


Our company should be your first choice if you are looking for fire fit out contractors in the UAE.


We offer : 

Fire doors installation

Windows & external doors installation

Skirtings & architraves